Tomorrow’s the monthly ASG meeting, so while I thinking guild-y thoughts, I thought I’d mention our fabric buying road trip last month. We went to Tulsa, visiting two cool suppliers.

Our first stop was at the Be Sew Inn, which was hosting the semi-annual Cloth Merchants fabric sale. I can’t find a web site for them, but there’s a good PR review with phone numbers and stuff: Cloth Merchants Review. They had some of the most wonderful fabrics I’ve ever seen. Good prices, considering the quality. Generally, heaven.  It was a good thing I’d been saving my fabric money for a couple of months, because I went a bit nuts…

Our second stop was at Cyrilla’s Artful Needle, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. This is a fashion/quilting store that also has a bead shop! And, unlike a couple of other fashion/quilting stores I’ve seen, they really seem to put a fair focus on the fashion side. And the beads are, of course, mighty tempting! This is a bad picture, but you might be able to tell that there are about a dozen of us, lined up to buy!



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