Warm Pants for Work

I needed some new nice workout wear for work, Fabric.com had some velour on sale, and voila! a project. First up, pants. This is from a Burda WOF pattern, 3/2006. I’ve made it once before… also for work pants.

I like the leg width, but was astonished at how big the waist was — I took in center front by about 2 inches and center back by about 6! I remember doing a little crotch tweaking with the previous pair, but nothing like this. The velour must be stretchier?

I do love the ability to sew… look at how badly my uniform shirt fits and how nicely the pants fall on the side:


And this is after being worn for a full shift! Very comfy.

Next up, a jacket in the same velour, then pants and a jacket in a coordinating lighter plum.


2 Responses to “Warm Pants for Work”

  1. stopthepresses Says:

    yeah, pretty much all my pants have to be altered so the crotch isn;t swinging between my knees. Although I havben’t sewn pants in ages – I’ve been on an insane a-line skirt kick lately.

  2. materialmama Says:

    Great job! I need some nice comfy pants too. Maybe I’ll need to order a Burda in the future.

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