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Tee for Travel

April 17, 2007

Well, a few of us from ASG drove down to Tulsa today to give a lot of money to the Cloth Merchants. Of course, that provided a good incentive to finish another tee — this time in purple!


The fabric is a funky textured poly knit I bought in Dallas — I think at Golden D’Or, but my records don’t say. As I was pinning the fold, I realized that it was really a horizontal stripe, so by cutting it out running vertically I was losing most of the stretch; I compensated on the body by using the pattern unaltered, which is normally between 2 and 4 inches too big around. The fit is almost perfect, except that the sleeves are a hair tight. I bound the neckline with a velvet remnant I dug out of the stash — I originally thought it was a nasty poly, but after a run through the washer and dryer it softened up so much that I think I may have bound novelty poly with silk velvet. Oh well. I reinforced the neckline with a strip of fusible knit, sewed one layer of the binding to the neckline, ironed it open, ran a line of Steam-A-Seam around the seam allowance on the inside, pinned it to within an inch of its life, steamed it down, then stitched in the ditch. Most even binding I’ve ever done. In a perfect world it would be a tad narrower, but I’m extremely happy with it.

And what did I buy? Oddly enough, I bought all black and white — a white eyelet t-shirt knit, wonderful black knit for a tee and pants, a nifty black knit with ribbon and sequin stripes and a black and white paisley print linen. I’ve never done black and white before — I’m a head-for-the-color kinda girl…


Cold Spell

April 7, 2007

Last December, I order enouch velour from to make two sets of work clothes. I got the plum velour set done quickly, because I was cold. I also fell for a cute outfit from the Curves clothing line. So, the pressure was off on the second set of velour, even though it was cut. In January I started getting bored with two sets and made the heather velour pants…and even piped the side seams! I had originally planned to do the piping with leftovers from the plum, but didn’t have anything long enough. A quick search through all the pink, purple and blue knits in the stash found a pink that had shrunk too much in the prewash to make its original target, but was the perfect color and an interesting texture for piping. And the pants looked pretty good with the plum jacket.

Then the weather got unseasonably warm. Taking with it my interest in sewing velour jackets. Sigh.

Which brings us to the unexpected cold snap — well, not a snap so much as a precipitous descent from 80 degrees to 2 inches of snow — we had this week. Gave me enough of a push to finish the jacket and even wear it to work once before, I hope, putting it away for the summer. Ta da!


Pattern: Burda World of Fashion May 2004, #134. I traced my usual 44 shoulders/sleeve cap and 48 body. I left out the pockets, since I’d just stick my hands in there and pooch it out. It’s too wide, which could be due a) to stretching during the months it kicked around my sewing room in pieces, b) to a change in Burda’s draft that means my current fixes don’t apply to earlier patterns, c) to drafting it big to allow it to be worn over the vest in the same grouping, or d) to some sort of weird knit stretching zone in my sewing room. Since the tee I made last weekend also came out wide, I’m leaning toward d.

Overall, I’m quite pleased. I’ve never piped something this painlessly before.

Hardwear is Fun!

April 1, 2007

I got another fun jewelry book this week — Hardwear by Hannah Rogge. It’s about making jewelry from hardware store supplies. I got the book Friday, hit Lowe’s (and Michaels) Saturday afternoon, and had two pairs of earrings made by dinner.

The first pair is made from washers and jump rings:


The second pair is supposed to be made from rubber bands and nuts, but I couldn’t find rubber bands, so I used some nylon craft cord. I like the blue — I think it’s the perfect color and style to wear to Blue Man Group tonight, don’t you?


They could be considered to cost about $1 a pair…or about $75. But I probably would have gone to Lowe’s and bought all that other stuff sooner or later, right?

I also made a t-shirt to wear tonight, but it’s in the dryer, so pics and discussion will have to wait