Tee for Travel

Well, a few of us from ASG drove down to Tulsa today to give a lot of money to the Cloth Merchants. Of course, that provided a good incentive to finish another tee — this time in purple!


The fabric is a funky textured poly knit I bought in Dallas — I think at Golden D’Or, but my records don’t say. As I was pinning the fold, I realized that it was really a horizontal stripe, so by cutting it out running vertically I was losing most of the stretch; I compensated on the body by using the pattern unaltered, which is normally between 2 and 4 inches too big around. The fit is almost perfect, except that the sleeves are a hair tight. I bound the neckline with a velvet remnant I dug out of the stash — I originally thought it was a nasty poly, but after a run through the washer and dryer it softened up so much that I think I may have bound novelty poly with silk velvet. Oh well. I reinforced the neckline with a strip of fusible knit, sewed one layer of the binding to the neckline, ironed it open, ran a line of Steam-A-Seam around the seam allowance on the inside, pinned it to within an inch of its life, steamed it down, then stitched in the ditch. Most even binding I’ve ever done. In a perfect world it would be a tad narrower, but I’m extremely happy with it.

And what did I buy? Oddly enough, I bought all black and white — a white eyelet t-shirt knit, wonderful black knit for a tee and pants, a nifty black knit with ribbon and sequin stripes and a black and white paisley print linen. I’ve never done black and white before — I’m a head-for-the-color kinda girl…


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