A Dyeing Experiment

I finally succumbed to the urge to try dyeing fabric. I think it may be addictive.

mokume1_web.jpg mokume2_web.jpg

I used some nice white cotton interlock from Hancock’s and cut it in half to make things more manageable. To make the mokume, or woodgrain pattern, I did a hand running stitch horizontally across each piece, then pulled the threads taut. The dye I was using was Tulip Cool Spray, which is more meant for stencil work, I think, but it had some instructions for a watercolor effect that seemed to imply that the dye would spread better if the fabric was wet. The two pieces were soaking for different times, and I think you can see the differences, in the fabrics if not the pictures. After soaking, I put the fabric on a tomato cage and squirted both sides until everything seemed nicely saturated and left it to set for 24 hours.


After 24 hours, I cut the threads, laid everything out to finish drying, then ran it through the washer and drier. I hope to sew it into a tee this week.

Is it too ’60s?


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