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Willow Leaves Fabric

June 20, 2007

For this fabric, I sketched my tee shirt pattern onto white fabric, then placed a few sprays of stitch-resisted willow leaves to cascade down front and back. I left some fabric blank to use for sleeves.

To stitch the leaves, I folded tucks on both edges and stitched them together, going through 4 layers of fabric and creating little pockets:


I used a very nice blue green dye and was delighted with the results!


The dye color on the solid sections is uneven because I was scared that moving the fabric around too much would ruin the stitch resist. Now I know that it’s a lot tougher than it looks and will stir away next time!

Aren’t the leaves cool?



Dyed Diamonds Tee

June 19, 2007

So, here’s a tee made from the yellow and turquoise dyed fabric:

The pattern is my trusty old Burda WOF from 6/05.

Dyeing Challenges

June 13, 2007

As fun as it is, there is one downside to dyeing…the dye dyes stuff.  Like hands:


And dog eyebrows:


(Don’t worry — he just walked by during the final rinsing and got a couple of drops on him — he didn’t drink anything!)  He’s still going to be stuck in the house for future dyeing projects.

The Dharma Trading catalogue has what they claim are good gloves and a soap that removes dye.  Guess I’ll be placing another order soon…

Second dyeing experiment

June 10, 2007

So, after the fun of the first dyeing project, I had to do it again! And I couldn’t wait until grown-up supplies arrived from Dharma…oh no — I needed to dye now! Unfortunately, it turns out that all Michaels has is tie dye kits, so I got one from Jacquard (figuring they probably put pretty good dye in even a tie tye kit). First, I dyed white cotton interlock knit white:

Then, I hand sewed tucks into diamonds:

When the threads were all pulled up, the fabric pulled into a tiny little bundle of bubbles:

Finally, I dyed the fabric turquoise. Since the weather was pretty cool and I didn’t know that turquoise wants heat, I don’t think it dyed as well as it could have, but I like the result:

Hand Dyed Tee

June 3, 2007

Well, I really got the sewing bug this weekend. As soon as I finished the shorts, I cut a tee out of the fabric I dyed a couple of weeks ago.


I think it looks less ’60s once it’s been sewn up — or am I deluding myself?  Anyway, I like it.

We wear not-so-short shorts

June 2, 2007

I’ve been needed some more bumming around shorts, so finally got some cut and sewn. Used my Burda pants pattern rather than the shorts pattern I’ve been using for years and years — not because of better fit (these are gym shorts, after all), but because I think it’ll be easier to keep track of just one pattern.seersuckershorts_web.jpg

And, the horizontal stripes do really match in the front — somehow the seam rolled a bit when I took the picture.   Honest.