Back from Conference

Whew! I’m back from the ASG conference in Sacramento and wow! I had a blast. What an overwhelming experience…my head is still reeling from all the things I want to do.

The first day was Leadership Day, which is basically the annual meeting for the guild — all the presidents, or their representatives like me, hear status reports and vote for new members of the Board of Directors. That afternoon, we heard a panel discussion and a presentation on getting young people involved in ASG…which sounds to me like a two part problem: first, you need to get young people interested in sewing, which it appears is happening, and second, you need to get young sewists interested in ASG, which is a much harder problem — apparently we have a bit of a fuddy duddy reputation problem.

The second day was for half or full day workshops. I took a full day workshop on surface design from Marcy Tilton, which was lots of fun. I’ve continued with the stuff we started in her class and will show the full process in a later post.

The last three days were a mix of shorter workshops, which were hands on, and seminars, which were lectures or trunk shows. I saw Sandra Betzina, who is a marvelous speaker, and Linda Lee, who had a really good presentation on raw edges. I was surprised how many of the treatments she showed us were things I would wear, since I’m not a fringes and strings kinda girl. There was one tee shirt I’ve got to try to duplicate…

La Fred did a great job with welt pockets, even with a burned hand, and Emma Seabrooke made sewing sheers and laces seem like something I could do (even if the sewing machine I was working with hated me.)

There was a fashion show one night that anyone could be in (if you signed up before a deadline so they could get the programs printed and everything) — they did it up like a real fashion show with a runway and lights and music and a photographer at the end. The garments ran the gamut from incredibly elaborate art to wear to very wearable suits and dresses. We even got to see a couple of garments Susan Khalje did for Threads magazine.

And the shopping! Did I mention the shopping? I’ll show off my goodies tomorrow, since this is getting pretty long.

Next year’s conference is in Chicago and 2009 is in Albuquerque — start saving your pennies, ’cause this is a really intense, inspiring, rejuvenating event and you should go!


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