Did I mention the shopping?

Sorry about the delay in posting…my landscape crew appeared on Wednesday (I’ve only been waiting since April. sigh.) and promptly cut my phone and cable lines…

Anyway, the shopping at the conference. I don’t usually buy many patterns, since Burda WOF sends me way more patterns than I will ever use, but several followed me home from the conference exhibit hall:


There was a cute bag pattern, La Borsa. A couple of tee patterns from La Fred. And a few of the Simplicity/ASG patterns for next year’s contest. Imagine my surprise to find that one of them is causing a bit of a stir on the boards and blogs — I mostly bought them so our guild members could take a look and think about entering the contest.


There was a really cool booth with real indigo shibori, Japanese prints and Thai silks. I got this set of real shibori fabrics just because…

I also got Linda Lee’s new scarf patterns-in-a-box, Connie Crawford’s pattern drafting book, and a pair of little sharp pointed scissors (after producing a decidedly not square welt pocket in Fred Bloebaum’s class and being told that cutting into corners with shears was never going to work.)

There were some mind blowing button booths, but I use so few buttons that I’m leery of buying them on speck. A pity, since there lots of gorgeous antique buttons. I also didn’t find any yardage I needed, a restraint I made up for in the San Francisco area after the conference…


2 Responses to “Did I mention the shopping?”

  1. Betty Says:

    What is the pattern and what is the stir?

  2. jjlangel Says:

    The pattern is 3631, front right. The stir is that Sew Stylish used it to demonstrate making a lot of looks with one pattern…apparently with great success. I first read about it at http://www.sewdistracted.com/2007/08/sew-stylish-dre.html

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