Tilton Technique Bag

As I mentioned earlier, at the ASG conference I took an all-day workshop with Marcy Tilton on a layered surface technique she has been been working with. Today, I finished a bag made from the start I made that day.

The first step is to paint with fabric paints onto sheets of Steam-A-Seam. Most of us stuck to things that looked like our finest kindergarten work — this is what mine looked like:


(after I started cutting it up) and


Once dry, you fuse it to fabric, in this case a navy silk noil. I decided to make a pieced bag from the La Borsa pattern by Meredith Burns, which requires 22 squares (since my background fabric was all the same, I could have made one large piece, but the charm of the bag is that the structural seams are disguised as piecing seams, so I made squares.) It was sort of fun to make sure each square was different, but related to all the others:


In addition to the painted web, Marcy adds collage elements like bits of ribbon — I used ribbon, fabric scraps and some eyelash yarn left over from a scarf. She also adds metallic foil, using the fusible web as the glue. That’s tons of fun! Then, you iron silk organza over the top and do a little quilting to hold everything down:


The organza softens everything and ties it all together, while the quilting adds a little pop. I didn’t do a lot of quilting…I guess it’s my embellishment handicap striking again.

At this point, it was time to sew up the bag.

laborsafinished01_web.jpg laborsafinished02_web.jpg

Man — I sure hope no one out there is starting sewing with bags under the impression they are easier than clothes. All those little pieces and the thousands of steps! I could have made a week’s worth of tee shirts in the time it took to piece and construct this bag…and I don’t want anyone inspecting the insides too closely. But the outside is very cool, and several steps outside my sewing comfort zone, which is, after all, why you should go to conference — isn’t it?


One Response to “Tilton Technique Bag”

  1. Betty Says:

    I love the bag. We need to play at the next retreat.

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