More Shopping…

While the shopping at the conference exhibit hall was nice, the shopping in San Francisco was WAY better! My first stop was Stonemountain and Daughter, in Berkeley. First stop was the sale fabrics upstairs:


The teal is a sheer, lacy poly which I wouldn’t normally go for except that I took a class on sewing sheers laces from Emma Seabrooke and want to use my new techniques. The grey is a wool with an interesting randomish pinstripe.

Next up were some luscious cotton and rayon knits:


And a couple of textured linens:


The coolest thing, though, was the discovery that foldover elastic comes in…animal prints, dots and stripes!


Later in the week, I went to Fabrix, in San Francisco proper. Just a couple of things came home with me:


The red is silk; the blue and brown is a poly knit.

And, since how often are you in a city with a Japanese bookstore, I went to Japantown to look at sewing magazines:


I didn’t find the Mrs Stylebook I’ve read about, but these three seemed sort of representative. There were lots of clever bag books…the one in the front here has a really cute one that is basically just a folded rectangle that I plan to try soon. The one at left is mostly packaging ideas, which I bought mostly for the amazing knots and frogs. And the garment books! There was one for “older” ladies that was pretty stodgy, and several for children and one for teens that was really out there and… The one I got, at right, had a couple of cute things, including the top with a flounce that you can see on the cover. I really enjoyed several books that showed how to make over old kimono — there were pictures of the original kimono and then modern garments using the same fabrics (the challenge is that none of the pattern pieces can be wider than the standard width of kimono fabric, which is 16 inches.) — but couldn’t really think of a reason I needed one, not having any old kimono stuffed in my closets. Of course, the instructions are in Japanese, but the pictures are excellent and the measurements are labeled in cm so they’re easy to find.

Of course, the grand dame of San Francisco fabric stores is Britex, but a) I’ve been there before and b) it scares me (the staff, the size, the selection, the prices…especially the prices), so I didn’t think it was as important than trying some new places.

Whew! What a trip! Now to get some of this sewn up…


3 Responses to “More Shopping…”

  1. mermaids Says:

    where did you find the FOE in such great prints?!?! please share your source. i am FOE fanatic.


  2. jjlangel Says:

    I found the FOE at Stonemountain and Daughter. They told me that they do phone/mail orders, so you could call and ask what FOE they’ve got…

  3. mermaids Says:

    thank you!!! i will call them this afternoon. 🙂

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