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Potholders to Trade!

December 8, 2007

This year our ASG decided to exchange homemade potholders at our Christmas party. I made two, one for the afternoon meeting and one for the evening. In October, someone had handed out directions to make simple potholders that didn’t require binding, so I gave them a try.

For the fronts, I scanned a Christmas postcard from my grandmother’s album. It’s in Swedish and dates from the early twenties. I printed the graphic on photo fabric, then log cabined some scraps to get up to the desired size.


The back is made from folded squares of fabric — they are actually sewn on top of the front, then wrapped around to the back to hide the seam allowances. You can arrange the squares in either a four patch or triangles, so I tried both. The squares were much easier to handle — the triangles look cool, but you have to wrangle a lot of bias edges.


In exchange, I got two very cute potholders — one has birds and one has Lorelei sewing ladies


Both were made by people braver than I — the edges are bound!