Do You Think It Had Anything To Do With Waiting For Spring?

So, I was reading through the Spring 2008 issue of Better Homes and Gardens’ Quilts and More, and saw a pattern for cutish little bag they made out of funky fabrics.  What I saw, however, was a recipe for making a fabric strawberry…

Strawberry Bag

It’s really tiny — about 6 inches tall.  I did most of the piecing by hand, because a) I wanted something to do while watching TV and b) I thought hand piecing would increase my chances of sewing things together without catching the little flaps in the seams.

Of course, I have absolutely no use for this thing.  I don’t even think a sock knitting project will fit in there!  Maybe a gift bag?

Now I just have to wait for the real spring strawberries to appear.  My strawberry plants are waking up nicely, but it will be a few weeks before they start to bloom.


One Response to “Do You Think It Had Anything To Do With Waiting For Spring?”

  1. gingerkitty Says:

    Maybe not useful but still adorable. Do you happen to still have that same magazine? I’m on the look to buy or borrow that issue to make the whirlybird pattern for my son.He saw it while I was surfing online and won’t stop talking about it.

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