ASG Regional Meeting in St. Charles

The day after the Tacony tour and shopping, we got down to business. About 30 of us, from guilds from Denver to Minneapolis to Omaha, meet all day to discuss topics such as recruiting new members, better serving members through Neighborhood Groups, and dealing with difficult people (purely hypothetically for everyone, I’m sure!).

I think the most interesting discussion was probably the Neighborhood Groups talk — in Wichita, we have four groups that are pretty much defined by location, although a few people attend more than one. (ASG defines Neighborhood Groups as subgroups of a chapter — they are especially useful for the really big chapters where whole-membership meetings are so big that people don’t really have a chance to get to know each other.) Several people at the meeting encouraged starting groups that would better be described as Special Interest than Neighborhood groups. Our Regional Rep also pointed out that nothing says that a group has to be permanent — a group could meet for several months to explore something in particular, then disband, which could make it easier to recruit leaders! One of my favorite ideas from our brainstorming actually came from a typo on the flip chart — how about a Tour (instead couture) Group which would research textile arts from different regions of the world, then make items inspired by those traditions? I wonder if anyone here in town would be interested…

And, of course, the St. Louis Chapter and Susi, the Regional Rep did a marvelous job — great food, lots of chocolate, and goodies!


One Response to “ASG Regional Meeting in St. Charles”

  1. Betty Says:

    I missed the “tour”. Was I asleep? Your idea sounds intriguing! Not sure if I can fit it in but maybe.

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