Dye Camp Preparations

I started to make plans this summer to go to the ASG national conference like I did last year, but wasn’t bowled over by the class selections. What I really wanted to do was dye…so I checked out dye classes. There were a couple that looked really fun, but there were two issues. First, the cost! Wow! Second, it looks like most pack the days fairly full of physical activity, and I’m not sure I’m really up for that; I’d hate to get there and get sick after a few days. Third, the cost! Oh, I mentioned that, didn’t I? I was adding up airfare, hotel, food, registrations and thought “Gee, I could set up a REALLY nice dye studio in my garage for that kind of money.”

Well, duh.

Turns out I could put together a pretty good dye studio in my garage for way less than that kind of money. I ordered an outdoor sink that hooks to a faucet:

Cleaned off a tool cabinet I inherited when my mom moved:

And ordered a big box of supplies from Dharma:

I got almost 50 yards of fabric. Most is printers cloth, which is pretty much like quilters cotton, to use for serious color testing. I also got three kinds of knit, including a cotton/bamboo that is so soft I visit the sewing room just to pet it:

I spent some nasty cold weeks plotting my color test strategies and now that the weather is cooperating, I’ve started dyeing — no waiting for camp!


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