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Dye Camp Results

August 10, 2008

Well, I’ve been busy (obviously not busy blogging, but busy).  I’ve been doing color samples, organized into grids.  First, I did two-color grids, where I crossed 3 levels of one color with 3 levels of another color.  Here are a couple of pages of results:

These are the results of a cool blue, turquoise, crossed with a warm yellow, gold.

And these are the result of crossing a cool red, fuchsia, with a warm blue, cobalt.

This set of tests gave me 12 grids, all with wonderful colors.  Now that I see what great colors I’m getting, I kinda wish I was using better fabric. This is Dharma’s printers cloth, which is ok, but not really great fabric.  I wanted something cheap enough that I could use fat quarters kinda like kleenex, and keep from getting all paralyzed about not making ugly fabric.  Oh well.  Live and learn.