Sewing a Stegosaurus!

For our December meeting, our ASG members are supposed to sew a doll, doll clothes or a stuffed animal for charity.  After hearing the other members make plans for frilly doll clothes, I decided to look for a something a bit more unisex…and what could be more fun than a dinosaur?

stegosaurus_03webHe’s made from polar fleece scraps and is entirely machine sewn except for the spot where I stitched him closed after stuffing.  The pattern is from a book I picked up years ago, probably off a bargain table, called Step by Step Art of Making Soft Toys, by Alan Dart.



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2 Responses to “Sewing a Stegosaurus!”

  1. Krystal Says:

    Hi, i stumbled across your stuffed dinosaur on the internet and i’d really love to make one as well but i can’t find the book that you mentioned. Can you show/email me the patterns or how its supposed to be done from the book? I would really appreciate it a lot if you could help me!! Thanks!! By the way, i think your dinosaur is really cute!! =D

  2. jjlangel Says:

    Hi Krystal! I’m glad you like the dinosaur — I hope the kid who got him at the charity party does too! The pattern is a) copyrighted and b) complicated, so I’d recommend that you click on name of the book in the post, which will take you to, which shows several copies available from used bookstores for about $6.

    Thanks for reading!

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