The Socks that Took FOREVER!

Finally finished these socks I started in August?  September?  A long time ago, in sock time.  I practically knit two full pairs with this one ball of yarn, considering all the frogging I had to do to get them to fit…and they’re still not the best fitting socks I ever made.


These are knit from Pagewood Farm Glacier Bay Hand Dyed Sock Yarn.  The yarn was nice to work with, but the color crocked all over my hands something awful.  I’m hopeful they won’t stain my feet blue after a couple of washings with Synthrapol. The resulting socks are gorgeous, but oddly…crisp.

The pattern is a mashup of Cat Bordhi’s Riverbed architecture and a rib pattern from an Interweave Knits sock pattern from last year some time.  After the heel, I didn’t add any more rib columns — I just let the ones from the top of the foot spiral around the leg.  No ribbing at the top — just a bind off.  Because of the spiral ribbing, they twist a bit on my feet, but not uncomfortably so.


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