Sleep Tee Upgrade

I acquired a stack of sleep tees from Lands End in preparation for a hospital stay, and this weekend I decided they were boring.  The first one I upgraded got a foil initial:


The second one allows me to take Murphy the puppy with me:


I silk screened these using some photos I had taken…

The initial photo:


The edited design:


And the screen:


I’ve been using a product called PhotoEZ.  It comes in sheets and is exposed using UV light — I use sunlight.  It’s a trifle temperamental, but I gather all screen creating technologies are, in one way or another, and isn’t nearly as expensive or space-hogging as a Thermofax machine.  I definitely need more practice, but it’s really fun!


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4 Responses to “Sleep Tee Upgrade”

  1. stacysews Says:

    Those look great!! How sunny does it have to be in order for the UV light to expose the sheets?

  2. jjlangel Says:

    My brief experiments show that January in Wichita requires about 11 minutes to expose the screen, while July only needs about a minute. It’s been so nice lately that I didn’t have any trouble finding a few clear minutes; I’ve not tried in on a cloudy day.

  3. Kearen Says:

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  4. Deb Galle Says:


    Your riri zipper necklace is very interesting! Could you possibly email me the directions? Keep your blog going it’s awesome!

    Deb Galle

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