ASG Conference: Bias Skirts and Irreverent Heirloom

One of my favorite workshops at conference was Julianne Bramson’s Out of the Envelope Bias Skirt class.  Using a simple, on-grain rectangle, we sewed a custom fit straight skirt with that lovely bias drape and some nifty seam detailing.  I was able to finish mine to a wearable state in class:


When I got home, I found the skirt had developed a gash along the seam (a scissor-packing error, I think).  I stuck it down with Steam-A-Seam and handstitching, but it looked it nasty.  So, still under the influence of another class I enjoyed, Suzy Seed’s Irreverent Heirloom class:


where we learned about decorative stitching with double and wing needles, I added a couple of rows of wavy stitching.  The stitching does a good job holding the gash together, and the wavy lines distract the eye:


I’m not sure how it will hold up to multiple washings, but the fabric isn’t the best, so I expect the fix will last long enough.


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2 Responses to “ASG Conference: Bias Skirts and Irreverent Heirloom”

  1. Julianne Says:

    Wow! Your skirt looks great! I loved that pinstripe fabric so much I immediately bought a bunch of it from Marcy Tilton at conference to make my own bias skirt. Your fix of the scissors gash is very cool! Thanks for writing about the class and showing off how great you look in your skirt.

  2. Announcing Walnut Creek ASG – 1st Annual Sewing Fair Says:

    […] PS: Here is an ASG member who attended conference and took the No Pattern Bias Skirt Class: Bias Skirt Blogged […]

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