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Captain Cannonball!

October 31, 2009

Murphy had such a marvelous time last year at Halloween (he sat by the door the next evening waiting for the fun to start again), I thought he needed a costume this year.  One of his many nicknames is Captain Cannonball, referring to his tendency to run faster than he can brake, so I made him a cape:


Here’s a closer look at his logo:


The fabric is poly satin, cut in a rectangle about 20″ x 25.”  The edges are bound with purchased bias tape.  Rather than figure out a way for him to wear it, I attached it to his seat belt harness, which he’s already used to wearing:


One bonus to this method is that the harness has a D-ring that I’ll use to hook a long leash to (the other end will go around the stair rail).  He can reach the front door and greet the kiddies, but can’t get out, and I can hand out candy without having to hold onto him.


Now to keep him from tugging on it!