About Me

I’m a forty-something woman living in Wichita , KS. My love for sewing, knitting, polymer clay and other arts definitely exceeds my skills — but I’m getting better every day!

I’m also the membership chairperson for the Wichita chapter of the American Sewing Guild. Our local county extension office generously gives us meeting space and a web page, but, like all county extensions, are so underfunded they don’t have time to update our page as often as we’d like…so I’m going to use this blog as ou runofficial site.



3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Debbie Hayes Says:

    Is the Fiber Arts Frenzy still going to take place this coming Saturday, March 10th? I am planning to attend and just wanted to check the hours and such. But the page I had bookmarked gives me an error message. I love the blog on the socks you are knitting! Now I am thinking I need to learn to knit socks:) Thanks, Debbie

  2. Debbie Hayes Says:

    I found my answer to the question about the Fiber Frenzy this Saturday. I am so disappointed! I should have gotten in gear and signed up for a space. I have plenty to sale! Thanks

  3. Barbara Hettinger Says:

    Julia, thanks for posting this website address! I have a lot to learn!
    Love, bjh

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