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ASG Conference: Zipper Necklace

August 17, 2009

Another class I took at conference was Lyla Messinger’s “unzipped” necklace.  It’s made from a RiRi zipper, beads and jewelry findings.


Nifty, huh?  The zipper teeth really make it…


Dangly Earrings!

January 17, 2009

I bought a fair number of beads when we were in St. Charles last … er…April?  and hadn’t used any until this week, when I finally finished these earrings.

tealchainearrings_02webI like them, except that they’re about 1/2 inch too long for winter wear — they get involved with collars and coats and things.  I suppose a really good beader knows the best lengths and measures, but I’ve never claimed to be a good beader…

Some More Jewelry

May 25, 2007

I made some more jewelry last weekend while watching lame TV. This bracelet is from the Hardwear book and it’s made from clear plastic tubing from the hardware store! It’s about the perfect level of casual for work, and I’ve gotten several compliments on it.


Next, I made a pair of earrings using a pair of disks I made out of scraps from a polyclay project. Sadly, the scraps turned out better than the project, but that’s how life is, isn’t it? And these are bad consolation prizes, even if my wire wrapping looks like I was doing it behind my back:


Hardwear is Fun!

April 1, 2007

I got another fun jewelry book this week — Hardwear by Hannah Rogge. It’s about making jewelry from hardware store supplies. I got the book Friday, hit Lowe’s (and Michaels) Saturday afternoon, and had two pairs of earrings made by dinner.

The first pair is made from washers and jump rings:


The second pair is supposed to be made from rubber bands and nuts, but I couldn’t find rubber bands, so I used some nylon craft cord. I like the blue — I think it’s the perfect color and style to wear to Blue Man Group tonight, don’t you?


They could be considered to cost about $1 a pair…or about $75. But I probably would have gone to Lowe’s and bought all that other stuff sooner or later, right?

I also made a t-shirt to wear tonight, but it’s in the dryer, so pics and discussion will have to wait

Blue and Green Beads

March 17, 2007

I got this nifty new book called Making Polymer Clay Beads by Carol Blackburn and was blown away — so cool. For my first project, I used her instructions for “Rorschach” beads, sometimes called Natasha beads. I followed her directions step by step, except that I used a turquoise-to-yellow Skinner blend rather than a solid black. Irritatingly, I spent a couple of hours conditioning crumbly clay and only thirty minutes or so putting together the beads, but they are cool! I extruded some of the leftovers to make little accent beads…then hit Michaels for some others. Voila! The results:


If the clay had not been so hard to condition, I should have made more — as it was, I only got 8 beads out of the cane, which isn’t very many.

I wore this to work last night and someone thought they might be glass! Fun.