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A Quilt!

November 24, 2007

While I was dieting recently, it seemed pointless to sew garments, so I dug out a bunch of bits of a quilt I started several years ago. Today, I finished the 63rd block


My brother is using the usual “design wall,” i.e. the guest bed, so I got some of those nifty 3M hooks that stick to the wall then come off without leaving pinholes or glue and hung an old queen size sheet on the wall of my studio. And voila! it’s beginning to look like a quilt!


I think I’m going to do some sort of quilt-as-you-go, since I doubt that wrestling a queen-size quilt on my not-queen-size sewing machine would be any fun. I’ve started a list of the materials I need to buy so I can spread my purchases out during next weekend’s Wichita ASG No-Bus Bus Trip — I want to buy something at as many of the participating stores as possible.